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Why Miniature Cattle

  • Land Maintenance

  • Less Pasture and Space

  • Easier to work

  • Effective food conversion

  • Beef Production 

  • Ideal as organic or grass-fed beef

  • Ag-Tax Breaks

  • 4-H

          Miniature Categories

These unique cattle breeds can be classified in categories that depend on their height at the hip at 3 years of age. The International Miniature Cattle Association states that animals that are 42" or less at maturity are classified as full miniature, over 42" and up to 48" are classified as midsize miniature.


Mini cattle require less pasture and are easier on land, equipment, and facilities.

Dealing with a smaller animal is much safer.

Mini cattle feed out well on grass for beef production.

With mini cattle you can raise more head per acre than with traditional cattle. This leads to maximum beef for your acre. Rather than having 2 traditional cattle you can have a small herd on the same acreage. Since cattle are herd animals this makes it easier on everyone.

Texas A & M confirms miniature cattle are 20 to 25% more feed efficient than larger animals.

Smaller size is great for showing in 4H or FFA.

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